Bienvenue – Welcome to Piper Bill Millin Memorial

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Bienvenue – Welcome to Piper Bill Millin Memorial

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As many heroes, Bill didn’t consider himself like that. He said “I was very lucky”.
Indeed was he, as he was spared by the enemy snipers only because they thought he was mad.

When I told him that History would certainly pay a tribute as a such iconic symbol of D Day and that it would be better to do it while he was still here , to do the memorial as he would like it to be, he was first reluctent because of his modesty, but quickly understood that, as he said later “If they remember the bagpiper, they will not forget those who fought and fell”.

Another condition was that the statue figuring him should represent him exactly as he was june 6th 1944. He showed me and the sculptor Gaëtan ADER, the kilt he wore that day, some elements of his dress, pictures of weapons, badges, explained what was in his rucksack.

The draws, then the model of the future statue were presented to Bill who gave his agreement.

The statue will be not only a masterpiece of sculpture, but also a historical testimony on the D Day.

That’s why we propose you to take part in this tribute by your generosity.

You understand that this memorial is not a tribute only to Bill Millin, but to all those who contributed to the liberation of Europe.

Could we choose a better symbol than a man going into the battle against the Nazis with a musical instrument ?

Thank you for your support.

The Presidency of the D Day Piper Bill Millin Association
2013:Canadian Citizen’s Memorial Campaign in Sicily.

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