RAF No 350 (Belgian) Squadron

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RAF No 350 (Belgian) Squadron

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RAF No 350 (Belgian) Squadron

Motto: Belgae gallorum fortissimi (The Belgae, the bravest of the Gauls)

The first Belgian fighter squadron to be formed in the RAF this occurred at Valley on 12 November 1941.It was equipped with Spitfires from the outset and began defensive duties in December.

It moved south and joined in offensive operations in April 1942 until being sent north in March 1943. It rejoined the offensive in October and became part of No 135 Airfield on 15 November within the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

It was now heavily involved in attacks on targets connected with the forthcoming invasion and then covering the actual landings themselves. In august 1942, the squadron re-equipped with the Griffon engined Mk XIV and was immediately thrown into defensive operations against the V-1 flying bombs being launched against Britain.

After a month on Anti-Diver operations the squadron resumed attacks against targets on the continent, but it was December before the squadron moved there itself arriving at Evere in Belgium on the 3rd. Following the end of the war the squadron joined to occupation forces and was eventually transferred to Belgian control on 15 October 1946, ceasing to be a RAF unit at the same time.

Squadron Codes used: -
YM Allocated Apr - Sep 1939
MN Nov 1942 - Oct 1946

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